Problems inserting Windows Media file in PowerPoint

Question: I have inserted a Windows Media file movie into a PowerPoint presentation, but after I Emailed the file to someone else they reported that the file would not play. They heard only static. Any suggestions?

The IT Guy says:
Several different things could cause this problem. The person to whom you have sent the PowerPoint file with the embedded Windows Media file may be running a different operating system version, a different version of PowerPoint, or have a different version of Windows Media Player installed on his or her computer. Here is a way to address this. If the media file you are inserting is available on the Internet, insert a hyperlink to the media file within your presentation rather than the actual media file itself. This has the advantage of not only being more compatible depending on what system and software versions the end-user has installed, but also will reduce the overall size of the PowerPoint file that you are Emailing. I have several other options for including movie files in presentations detailed in my article entitled “Tips for Presentations With Movies."

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