Product Review: GoClass

Product Review: GoClass

Product: GoClass
By David Kapuler
Retail Price: Free or GoClass+ (varies)

GoClass is a learning platform that allows educators to create lessons for mobile devices or the Web. It is ideal for Blended, Guided, or Flipped Learning, as well as Differentiated Instruction.

Quality and Effectiveness
GoClass can be used for any curriculum for either the Web or any mobile device. Teachers can use GoClass to create dynamic interactive lessons that can contain images, videos, static Web pages, text, and more to engage their students and assess their learning/understanding.

Ease of Use
GoClass provides a simple structured process for creating lesson plans that follow their show-explain-ask model. They have developed a Web interface to add students, create lessons, upload or link materials, create sessions, and more. In-person and community help is available through a support section on their Website.

Creative Use of Technology
GoClass is an innovative learning solution that allows educators to create interactive lessons on the Web that interact with any mobile device. Teachers can independently push content and assessments to student devices and to the class projector. This is particularly effective with mobile devices in the classroom and allows educators to assess students in real-time as they work on a lesson. Also, a teacher can use this to differentiate instruction as well as guide and blend learning.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment
GoClass is designed for the mobile classroom and for teachers who want to “Flip” their classroom. Students can take their mobile device home or login via the Web and access all the lessons that their teacher created.

GoClass is an excellent learning platform that revolutionizes the way educators teach.

Top features:

  • Seamless Integration:works for any curriculum, grade-level, or subject.
  • Innovation: combines the Web and mobile devices to deliver a “true” 21st Century Learning environment.
  • Strategic: can work with any teaching style: Blended or Guided Learning, Flipped Classroom, or Differentiated Instruction.