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Professional Development Lists and Newsgroups

Tip: Professional developers grow by connecting with others who have similar interests. Here are some online opportunities that work for me. You might want to check these out. Community — 7 mailing lists — check NetHappenings Classroom Connect’s Newsletter and select Professional Development Globe
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Professional developers grow by connecting with others who have similar interests. Here are some online opportunities that work for me. You might want to check these out.

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Marge Shasberger
Instructional Technology Specialist
Placer County Office of Education

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Impact of Professional Development

Tip: Ultimately, professional development can help teachers teach more effectively, enhance student learning, and provide students with the skills they will need for the 21st century. Three questions that professional developers can consider before they implement activities: Is this professional development

Professional Development Never Stops

Tip: Every school and district needs to put into place a system for lifelong learning so that teachers have an ongoing and sustainable professional development program that supports the curriculum. Build a professional development center where teachers can learn from each other and share ideas. Map the

Using Podcasts for Professional Development

Tip: What better way to make good use of your time than to listen to a podcast while driving, doing the dishes or cleaning house. There are many people providing rich professional development resources online for free. Start by putting your computer in a place where you are working and play the podcast

Funding for Professional Development

Our current budget situation is making it more difficult to fund professional development for technology use just at the time when the staff recognizes the need for more training. Do you have any suggestions? Title II, Part D of No Child Left Behind funds technology initiatives and includes a requirement that 25%

Professional Development: 21st Century Models

Never before has the pressure been so high to find ways to support successful teaching and learning through effective professional development. With the U.S. education community, driven by No Child Left Behind, focusing on standards, accountability, and pledges to see that every child is taught by a certified and

Professional Development Goes Green

A professional developer can use this biomonitoring activity to start a series of green workshops. In this collaborative online environment, teachers share data, student conversations, and their own findings and reflections on the process.

Professional Development: Online or Off?

We’re planning our professional development for second semester and are running into the two classic challenges—time and money. The committee wants staff to have valuable learning experiences that aren’t a burden either financially or in terms of time. Some are lobbying for a traditional model, while others

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Professional Development

The great news on the PD front—at least from the districts who presented at the second School CIO Summit Conference this June—is that we’ve moved far away from the days of drive-by PD in which socalled experts come in once a year to show teachers how to use product X and expect them to begin using it perfectly by the very next day.