Put to the Test: Dukane AirSlate 3

Put to the Test: Dukane AirSlate 3

The Dukane AirSlate 3 Interactive Writing tablet lets the student interact with images being projected in a classroom directly from their seat or lets a teacher interact from anywhere in the room. Up to 50 AirSlate3 can be connected to one computer so, in effect, every student in the room could have an AirSlate. Since the AirSlate uses RF, it can operate up to 125 feet away from the computer with no problems. This allows a teacher to ask questions and have students respond via AirSlate. Or, an entire class could work on a drawing together, or a math or science problem, or compose a poem together.

Pros: It is at or slightly below the price or other interactive tablets, but since it uses RF instead of Bluetooth, it should not have any of the communication problems the others have.

Cons: Pen requires one AAA battery. The fact that the pen uses a AAA battery means that a supply of AAA batteries will need to be kept on hand. Also dead batteries will cause support false support calls for faulty equipment.

Overall Evaluation: The RF technology makes the AirSlate superior to other interactive tablets on the market. (Rumor has it that all interactive tables will be moving to RF technology in the next 18 to 24 months.) So, with the price of the AirSlate being less than other interactive tables, why wait?

Retail price: starting at $399.99

-- Joe Huber

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