Put to the test: Plato Achieve Now on PSP

PLATO Achieve Now on PSP is a handheld, mobile instructional program that extends the activities of the classroom. This educational gaming solution, developed for exclusive use on the PSP system, comes with interactive software, school and home learning activities, teacher materials, professional development, and student assessment.

How to use in the classroom: It would be reasonable to equip an entire classroom with PSPs (though delivering content to cell phones would be even less expensive). Students could then work on the specific Plato software assigned to them.

Pros: Compact anytime, anywhere learning. The device holds students interest, especially boys. It is inexpensive and has a good screen size with good resolution and sound. The two pieces of software included were good for the grade level they covered. Software comes in both English and Spanish.

Cons: The device could be easily stolen, and some may consider the software a bit too “gamey.” The screen was hard to see in very bright light. Loading software on to each PSP takes time.

Overall Impression: At less than $200, this is a great way for schools that have the Plato program to get it into the hands of students.

Price: About $200 plus cost of software.

-Joe Huber