Scholastic Announces Digital Programs for Personalized PreK–6 Literacy Instruction

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Scholastic has announced a suite of digital solutions designed to support PreK–6 literacy instruction. The new research-based instructional programs Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. (Foundations in Reading, Sounds & Text) and Scholastic W.O.R.D.  help students build reading skills starting with letter sounds and morphological word families. Scholastic Literacy Pro, Watch & Learn Library, and the updated BookFlix, support independent learning and whole-class instruction through access to hundreds of videos and thousands of texts.

The full suite of digital solutions includes: 

Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. (Foundations in Reading, Sounds & Text) An Adventure on Ooka Island (Grades PreK–2) 2018 EDDIE Award Winner: Early Elementary Literacy Skills Website
Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.‘s adaptive technology takes students on an interactive reading adventure through Ooka Island, focusing first on teaching the 44 sounds of the English language, followed by a introduction to progressively more complex phonetic skills.

BookFlix (Grades PreK–3) 2018 EDDIE Award Winner: Early Learning Reading Skills eBook
BookFlix is a digital literacy resource that thematically pairs storybook classics and nonfiction titles to reinforce early reading skills and develop real-world knowledge. Students build reading confidence and curiosity as they watch Weston Woods storybook animations, listen to read-alouds, complete comprehension activities, and explore more than 1,100 curated websites for deeper learning.

Watch & Learn Library (Grades PreK–3)
The new Watch & Learn Library features more than 230 curriculum aligned science, social studies, and social-emotional videos that feature real-world footage and are available in both English and Spanish.

Scholastic W.O.R.D. (Grades K–5)
Literacy educator and author Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert analyzed over 10,000 texts to uncover the 2,500 morphological word families that make up 90% of all texts students will encounter. Scholastic W.O.R.D. leverages Dr. Hiebert’s research to help students build a solid understanding of these core words through 10 thematic units.

Scholastic Literacy Pro (Grades K–6) 2018 EDDIE Award Winner: Upper Elementary Literacy Skills Website
Scholastic Literacy Pro is a new management tool that allows teachers to provide students with 24/7 access to over 2,000 fiction and nonfiction ebooks for independent reading, in and out of school. 

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