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Question: How can I share pictures online?

The IT Guy says:
There are a number of services available, but by far the most popular right now is Flickr. The service was purchased by Yahoo! last year, and to set up an account you need to have a Yahoo account. Once you do, you can upload pictures and display them on your own page. There is no cost for the basic service, and you can upload up to 100 megabytes of pictures per month.

What makes the system extremely popular is that you can add "tags" to your pictures, which can be searched for by you or others to find your images. For instance, there are as of this moment 1,461,370 pictures tagged with the word cat. When we have a class on photography, we use a very specific tag like "dpbootcamp2" to flag our pictures and make it easy for other classmates to find images.

Another interesting part of Flickr is the ability to leave comments. You can post your favorite photos, and your friends and colleagues can leave their impressions of the images.

A definite problem from a teacher perspective, however, is that Flickr is a wide open service. That means there can be pictures involving nudity found on the website, and may mean that your school or district may block access to the site. However, there are many educators using Flickr and similar tools. Quentin D'Souza has put up a nice wiki called "Photo Sharing in Education". This and other links can be found in my resources at "IT-Guy"

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