Social learning platform to gain Smithsonian resources

The Smithsonian Institution and ePals Inc. have announced a partnership to deliver Smithsonian science, history, art, and culture resources across the entire ePals social learning platform and product suite.

As part of the new relationship, Smithsonian content will be threaded throughout ePals LearningSpace®, ePals SchoolMail®365 and accessible to all ePals users in the ePals Global Community™.

LearningSpace users can explore and collaborate on Smithsonian projects and exhibits using a variety of safe, policy-managed social media and Web 2.0 tools. SchoolMail users can get weekly emails delivering interactive Smithsonian reading and writing activities targeted to topic and grade level. All Smithsonian on ePals subjects include lesson plans for teachers, step-by-step collaborative projects for classrooms, and media galleries where students and teachers can publish and share completed work. ePals classrooms can also directly connect with Smithsonian experts and curators online for lessons, discussion and enrichment. Both organizations will work together to produce classroom projects and activities.