Teacher Gaming Network for Online Game Creation Launched

Young man wearing headphones plays video game on computer
(Image credit: iStock/scyther5)

Today, FTC Family of Companies launched its new Teacher Gaming Network, providing a free online system for teachers to create custom interactive games for their classroom. Teachers have complete control of the content during their game creation, as they enter their own questions and answers in various formats. Once their questions are entered, they can choose to create a game from several different game styles. Once created, they can either play the games online with their students as a class activity, or provide the custom game link for the students to play on their own, whether at home, in the library or lab, or from any internet connected computer.

The goal of the Teacher Gaming Network (TGN) is to provide teachers throughout the country with a new medium for reviewing their class content and to get their students excited about the curriculum being taught.

“While there are many good online products that support specific curriculum units, Teacher Gaming Network was designed to give the teacher control of the actual content of the game”, says Michael Kessler, President of FTC Family of Companies.

While TGN provides an online environment for teachers to enter and store their own questions and answers to create custom games, it also provides a means for educators around the globe to share their curriculum content. Through the Community feature, teachers can choose to “publish” their questions and created games to share with other educators on the TGN network. Shared questions and games can be located using the following attributes: Category, Sub-Category, Question Format, Grade Level, and Keyword in both questions and answers.

A subscription to the Teacher Gaming Network is available to all public and private school teachers and educators free of charge. Additional services, including optional games, student data reporting, and access to questions and games supplied by other content providers, will be available later this year under a subscription fee model.

Educators can sign up for the free service by visiting http://www.teachergaming.net.