Texas curriculum partnership integrates new digital content

The Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC) is a collaborative partnership among 19 education service centers that serve K-12 districts/school systems in Texas. TESCCC's CSCOPE®, used in more than 740 school districts/systems throughout Texas, is a comprehensive, customized, user-friendly curriculum management and support system. The curriculum components of CSCOPE are based on best practice models from top researchers and are carefully aligned with state standards.

Recently, for the first time, CSCOPE will partner with a digital educational content provider. Ignite! Learning will be correlating CSCOPE’s grade 4 through 8 Math, Science, and Social Studies curriculum directly into its interface, so that CSCOPE users can access materials correlated to their CSCOPE Instructional Focus Document (IFD) from within Ignite!. The TEKS standards will also be shown alongside the CSCOPE curriculum, giving teachers an additional standards reference point.

“Ignite! will be correlating their series of Science, Math, and Social Studies digital content to CSCOPE unit map frameworks. We believe these materials will be a beneficial classroom support tool for CSCOPE districts,” said Wade Labay, Ed.D., Director, State CSCOPE. “We find their instructional design, technology, and organization system to be easy to use and consistent with both the CSCOPE and the most current TEKS/TAKS priorities.”

Ignite! Learning works to help hard-to-reach middle school students, who often need support in meeting the state standards. The company integrates standards-based multimedia, downloadable activities, and assessments into each lesson in a multimodal delivery that reaches students according to their personal learning style.