Texas District Adopts Personalized Career Readiness System

The Aransas Pass Independent School District (APISD) in Texas has chosen to implement WIN Learning’sPersonalized Career Readiness System for middle and high school students district-wide. The system comprises a series of standards-aligned, web-based programs that help students understand and prepare for the realities of college and the workplace through personalized project-based learning and career exploration, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The Personalized Career Readiness System is based on the WIN Educonomy Model – an intersection between education and local and regional economies where data on job markets help students understand employability, foundational and social skills within the context of future careers. This real-world focus helps determine the personalized selection of coursework and other experiences in high school that will lead students to their desired careers, either directly after graduation or following further training and education.

“WIN Learning’s system is unlike any other program we’ve seen – it’s truly academics with a purpose,” said Dr. Royce Avery, superintendent, APISD. “The entire solution is geared toward helping student succeed. It assists them in developing and refining the skills necessary to get on their pathway to the future – whether that’s attending college or a trade school, joining the military or moving directly into the workplace. And when the students succeed so do local and regional businesses and our entire community.”

The research-based Career-Driven Education model is a career and college readiness solution that offers a three-pronged approach to prepare students for today’s global economic opportunities and challenges. With the data-rich career exploration system WIN Strategic Compass®, students can analyze current and projected labor market data to reveal career pathways. The program’s Initial Skills Review™ measures individual career readiness and skill development gaps, and the WIN Career Readiness® Courseware uses applied academics to promote workplace skill mastery.

The system also includes the recently launched WIN Soft Skills Series®, a program which builds skills mastery around the behavioral, attitudinal, social, and readiness skills employers and post-secondary programs demand. WIN Soft Skills will provide APISD educators with a curricular framework to teach their middle and high school students foundational behaviors such as conveying professionalism, communicating effectively, promoting teamwork and collaboration, thinking critically and solving problems. All attitudinal skills addressed in the courseware are presented within the context of the workplace in order to bring relevancy to the learning experience.

“We were impressed with the program’s overall flexibility, which allows teachers to incorporate the lessons across multiple age groups and classroom settings including whole-class, small group or as independent study,” said Denise Graves, curriculum director for APISD. “The program also includes a comprehensive implementation guide that contains scripted teacher lessons and support materials such as interactive activities, worksheets and videos, making implementation simple and straightforward.”