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The shadow knows

Before there were clocks, people used shadows to tell time. Make a sun clock using only a sunny day, a pencil, and a diagram from the website.
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Before there were clocks, people used shadows to tell time. Make a sun clock using only a sunny day, a pencil, and a diagram from the website.



Knowing North: Understanding Time and the Sun

This activity provides instructions for telling which way is North on a sunny day using only a watch.If we can use our location and the sun to tell us about time, can we use time and the sun to tell

Know Your Wildfire Zone

Know Your Wildfire Zone This site by the University of California Cooperative Extension discusses things that people should do before, during, and after a wildfire. The site is especially relevant in light of the devastating wildfires that occurred in California this past autumn, and could be a

Knowing Poe

Knowing Poe This is an excellent Website for anyone interested in researching the life and writing of Edgar Allan Poe. It provides detailed biographical information, primary texts, and video clips. The interactive section on Poe's "Poetic Principle" is especially helpful in understanding Poe's writing.

The Earth's Rotation

The Earth's Rotation Students perform several inquiry activities, such as tracing shadows, observing shadows during different times of the day, and tracking the sun's path in the sky to understand the rotation of the earth. Christine Jones, Harvard University •

Getting to Know Your Participants

Tip: You may be asked to do a workshop for teachers where you do not know their skill levels or expectations. I find that I am not as successful as I could be if the participants’ skills and attitudes about comfort are at many different levels. There are several ways you can assess the group and pair people with

Relating to What they Already Know

Tip: You may work with veteran teachers who are uncomfortable with technology. It is a good idea to start with what they already know. Just using a mouse may be a challenge for a few of them. Set the motion and double-clicking speed of the mouse to as slow as possible on the computers they will be working

Getting to Know You

Tip: Here is an idea to use if you will be doing Professional Development with the same group for several sessions. Each time it is good to begin the session with some opening activity where the participants have a chance to talk and to move around. Two Truths and a Fib (First Session) This works best if the

The Electronic Pencil:

Name: The Electronic Pencil: The sixth-grade teachers at William E. Norris Elementary School in Southampton, Massachusetts are collaborating with each other and their students using a blog called The Electronic Pencil. Under the supervision of teacher Kevin Hodgson, the blog is used to post student writing,