T&L News(136)

Week of: July 7, 2008

  • Printing money (sort of)
    Sure, OKI Data wants you to buy printers. But the multi-national printer company also wants you to save money while you do it.
  • Give the people what they want
    According to a poll results released by The Scientists and Engineers for America (SEA), the US public is strongly in favor of government funding of science and technology.
    Safe listening continues to get attention as more studies are released that link hearing loss to unsafe listening practices. Califone has long been an advocate for safe listening, and their latest products reflect their continued commitment to that mission. The new Sound Alert Monaural Headphone, the Sound Alert Monaural Jackbox, and 8-Position Sound Alert Listening Center all help combat unsafe listening practices. The Sound Alert Monaural Headphone can be used with personal playback devices (CD and MP3 players), in group listening centers, and in ELL, ELD, and other language learning activities. The headphone can also be used as a normal headphone without charging the battery. The 10-position Sound Alert Monaural Jackbox lets educators monitor the volume level of up to ten attached headphones and to set the sound level to under the ASHA-recommended 85 decibel level. The 8-Position Sound Alert Listening Center includes the Sound Alert Monaural Jackbox with the company's new monaural (2924AVG) headphone.
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology and Microsoft Corp. announced the release of the new Learning Village. This teaching and learning portal is a single sign-on solution where educators, students, and parents can access and organize their schools' instructional content. Learning Village delivers curricula, content, and resources in a unified environment—providing a central point for communication, collaboration, teaching, and professional development.
    CDW-G introduces the School Safety Index Self-Assessment Tool, allowing parents, teachers, and administrators to take part in the national School Safety Index.They can receive instant scores to see how their school or district compares to the national survey average CDW-G released in May. Based on 12 elements of cyber and physical security, the tool focuses on indicators of strong safety programs, as well as barriers and breaches. School leaders may access the tool at www.schoolsafetyindex.com. The tool highlights security areas that need improvement, enabling school leaders to leverage support for safety and security initiatives.