T&L News(57)

  • Building Smart Classrooms
    Jersey Shore Area High School is one of only 79 Pennsylvania schools to receive first round funding from the Classrooms for the Future high-school reform initiative.
  • Irving ISD Plans To Spend $38 Million for Technology
    The Irving (TX) Independent School District is developing a new long-range technology plan that proposes pending $38 million over the three-year period from 2007 to 2010.
  • Online Help for Maryland's High School Assessments
    The Maryland Department of Education is offering new online classes for students who need extra help in order to pass the state's High School Assessments (HAS).
  • Spreading the Word
    Using tools like blogs and e-mail and leveraging YouTube videos and social networking sites, today's teens use the Internet to spread the word about causes they care about.
  • GPS-Enhanced Campus Tours
    The University of Maine is using a new self-guided tour that uses a GPS-enhanced PDA/cell phone to introduce prospective students and other visitors to its Orono campus.