T&L News(66)

  • Waco Launches New Technology Plan
    The Waco Independent School District plans to spend $3.7 million over the next three years to upgrade computers and bring all types of electronic devices into the classroom.
  • Schools Struggle with Cyberbullying
    Many states have laws that require school districts to have policies in place to deal with bullying. Now state legislators are acting to add cyberbullying to existing legislation.
  • Preparing Girls for Science Careers
    The new University of California, San Diego Information Technology – Engineering and Environmental Education Tools project is an effort to keep middle school girls excited about science and hopefully start them thinking about career in engineering and science.
  • Audio Enhancement Aids Learning
    A simple technology tool — audio enhancement — is making teaching and learning easier for everyone in Florida's St. Johns County School District.
  • Learn from Grammar Girl
    Podcasts that deliver instruction on the finer points of grammar are one of the surprise hits of cyberspace. Since July, they have been downloaded more than 1.3 million times.