T&L News(78)

  • Technology in Arkansas Schools
    While a number of Arkansas school districts are implementing cutting-edge technology projects, the legislature is beginning to question the efficiency of the "go it alone" approach.
  • South Carolina To Launch Virtual School
    Governor Mark Sanford has signed legislation creating the South Carolina Virtual School Program to be operated by the state Department of Education.
  • Technology Supports Special Education Efforts
    The widespread availability of technology is making it easier for special education teachers to address the needs of every one of their students.
  • Technology Plays Central Role
    Recognizing the importance of technology for their students' futures, school districts across New Hampshire work hard to keep their technology infrastructure up-to-date.
  • Korean Youth Love Texting
    If you think American teens spend too much time texting one another, consider Korea, where teenagers send, on average, 60.1 text messages per day.