T&L News(99)

Week of: October 15, 2007

  • Data Driven Teaching
    Careful analysis of test scores and other student data is helping teachers fine tune instruction to the specific needs of individual children.
  • NY Teachers Turn to Whiteboards
    A recent demonstration of interactive whiteboards at the Odessa-Montour Central School District had teachers clapping with excitement.
  • Baltimore County To Test Online School
    The Baltimore County (MD) Public Schools (BCPS) is launching a virtual school pilot program for grades K-11, targeted initially to students who are home schooled.
  • Harnessing Social Networking for Language Learning
    A startup web site combines online social networking and immersive language lessons to motivate and support language learners.
  • Google Lunar X PRIZE
    Google announced the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a challenge for private companies to land a robotic rover on the moon that will send at least a gigabyte of images back to Earth.