Top 10 Online Stories

1 5 Reasons Schools Need Computing Teachers with Expertise in the Subject
Terry Freedman argues that teachers need to be experts, not just facilitators.

2 Things We Should Say More Often
Hank Thiele writes: what new questions will you ask this year?

3 Product Review: Buncee
David Kapuler reviews this new site/app for creating multi-media presentations and digital stories.

4 App Class: Writing Our Episodes
Özge Karaoglu shares her ideas for using apps for digital storytelling.

5 Product Review: Chromebox
Hank Thiele reviews this tool, which he writes is often forgotten when thinking about Chromebooks.

6 15 Sites and Apps for Augmented Reality
David Kapuler lists some of his favorite sites and apps for augmented reality.

7 Fake Tweet Builder
Learn how to create fake Twitter accounts using this tool as reported by Özge Karaoglu.

8 Site of the Day: TED-Ed: Making Sense of Spelling
This TED talk gives examples of the elements in words that give an understanding of how and why they are spelled the way they are.

9 Chromecast Review
J. Robinson reviews this inexpensive tool for video and audio streaming.

10 Math and Project-Based Learning: 22 Amazing Resources
Michael Gorman lists math resources to use for a scaffolding lesson, footprint, or entire PBL unit.