Top 10 Web stories, July 2011

Bodies of Knowledge

From’s “Site of the Day,” sponsored by netTrekker, this site comes from the British Library, whichpresents in it a series of illustrated essays on the different ways that the human body has been represented in art and science through history.

Generation Z: Key to Driving Change?

Lisa Nielsen shares career advice from Penelope Trunk, who predicts that Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010, will change education.

World’s Simplest Online Safety Policy

Lisa Nielsen and Tom Whitby argue that the simplest policy is an open policy.

How the iPad Can Help Learning-Disabled Students

Special-needs teacher Vicki Windman posts examples of the iPad’s numerous apps for helping learning-disabled students compensate for their particular disabilities.

iPad Apps to Meet IEP Goals

Here Vicki Windman explains how iPads can be used to meet the requirements of an Individual Education Program (IEP).

12 Fabulous Flip Camera Alternatives for Education

Now that Cisco has announced that it is discontinuing the Flip camera, blogger Michael Gorman shares his list of 12 low-cost video alternatives dedicated to sustaining all those amazing classroom activities that the Flip made possible.

Move Over, iPad: Here Comes the Google Chromebook

Lisa Thumann reports on her test of the new Google Chromebook.

Sources of Funding and Free Stuff for Teachers

David Andrade Grants, free resources, and more.

The Big 10

Tech & Learning presents the 10 Most Influential People in EdTech for 2011, as selected by our readers and advisors.

Top 10 Sites for Creating Outlines

David Kapuler posts his top picks for Web sites dedicated to sharpening students’ outlining skill and taking it to the next level.