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Top 10 Web Stories, July 2012

Blogger David Kapuler offers his recommendations for creating flashcards.
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1 15 Sites for Creating Flashcards

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Blogger David Kapuler offers his recommendations for creating flashcards.

2 Manipulative Math Apps for the iPad to Meet the Common Core Standards

Blogger Vicki Windman covers math apps that help students with concepts from basic functions to more advanced math.

3 Introducing Google Knowledge Graph: Better Search Results

Blogger David Andrade reviews Google’s Knowledge Graph, which adds new results to your search.

4 Imagineering a K-4 Computer Lab

Kevin Jarrett’s K4STEMLAB vision combines the computer lab with hands-on STEM projects in a mobile learning classroom space.

5 T&L Reviews Snagit

Carol Holzberg evaluates TechSmith’s Snagit digital publishing tool.

6 Science of Cooking

This “site of the day” explores the science behind bread.

7 Video Tutorial

This free video tutorial provides guidelines for teachers and students conducting online discussions in an LMS.

8 Shallow or Deep Reading?

Bob Sprankle asks: can you actually read online without getting distracted?

9 Bridging World History

This “site of the day” explores world history through resources like frameworks of geography and chronology.

10 5 Ways to Expand Smartphone Learning

Blogger Harry Tuttle has some concerns about using smartphones in class. his recommendations for images and clip art sites.



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Top 10 Web stories

Lots of schools are talking about the importance of preparing their students for an increasingly interconnected, Webcentric world.

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1 Bucket List of OnlineEducation ResourcesIf David Kapuler were startinga new school, here is his wishlist of digital resources.

Top 10 Web stories, July 2011

From’s “Site of the Day,” sponsored by netTrekker, this site comes from the British Library, whichpresents in it a series of illustrated essays on the different ways that the human body has been represented in art and science through history.

Top 10 Web stories, January 2012

When assembling our 25 most-visited blog posts from 2011, we noticed that, with the exception of just three posts, every one of our top stories was a list.

Top 10 Web stories

Dean Shareski sees an interesting shift occurring in his district, which leads him to think that the iPad is generating more discussion about the role of technology in learning than any tool or event to date.