Top 10 Web Stories, July 2012

Top 10 Web Stories, July 2012

1 15 Sites for Creating Flashcards

Blogger David Kapuler offers his recommendations for creating flashcards.

2 Manipulative Math Apps for the iPad to Meet the Common Core Standards

Blogger Vicki Windman covers math apps that help students with concepts from basic functions to more advanced math.

3 Introducing Google Knowledge Graph: Better Search Results

Blogger David Andrade reviews Google’s Knowledge Graph, which adds new results to your search.

4 Imagineering a K-4 Computer Lab

Kevin Jarrett’s K4STEMLAB vision combines the computer lab with hands-on STEM projects in a mobile learning classroom space.

5 T&L Reviews Snagit

Carol Holzberg evaluates TechSmith’s Snagit digital publishing tool.

6 Science of Cooking

This “site of the day” explores the science behind bread.

7 Video Tutorial

This free video tutorial provides guidelines for teachers and students conducting online discussions in an LMS.

8 Shallow or Deep Reading?

Bob Sprankle asks: can you actually read online without getting distracted?

9 Bridging World History

This “site of the day” explores world history through resources like frameworks of geography and chronology.

10 5 Ways to Expand Smartphone Learning

Blogger Harry Tuttle has some concerns about using smartphones in class. his recommendations for images and clip art sites.