Top 10 Web Stories, May 2012

1 My Ten Most-Used Apps to Become Fluent on the iPad

Silvia Tolisano writes about the difference between being skilled, literate, and fluent in the use of an iPad.

2 Inner Body

This site of the day helps kids discover the digestive system.

3 10 Sites to Use with Mobile Phones in Education

David Kapuler shares his favorite sites that help learners use mobile phones for educational purposes.

4 What Makes a Good Teacher

David Andrade shares this list of “what makes a good teacher” created by a group of high school students.

5 50 Web 2.0 Sites

David Kapuler adds 25 more sites to his Web 2.0 list for schools.

6 Video Tutorial: Windows 8 Preview

This online training tutorial from Atomic Learning highlights some of the new features.

7 Arts Alive Instrument Lab: The Brass Section

This site of the day comes from the National Arts Centre of Canada.

8 “Got Game?” Contest Announced

STEM Fuse announced its first semi-annual “Got Game?” Contest.

9 T&L Reviews Teachscape Reflect Live

MaryAnn Karre reviews Teachscape Reflect Live, an observation management and reporting system.

10 AT&T Funds Education

This example from the EdTech Ticker T&L news feed covers AT&T’s launch of a new $250 million, 5-year financial commitment aimed at helping more students graduate from high school.