Top Tweets, July 2011

@ryanbretag: No doubt BYOD and 1:1 should also receive attention, toward an engaging, personalized learning environment.

@tomwhitby: Leaders who pay lip service to tech as a learning tool w/o accepting and using it personally are not leading.

@adambellow: This could be awesome! Voice Search and Search by Image are coming to Google Desktop.

@CleanJourney: Leaders need 2 believe in their people—expect the best/believe ur team has what it takes—let them know often.

@pamelamaeross: Consider leadership ability, and fit with culture/strategy, more than technical skill.

@aleaness: I think I will be spending a lot of time at—cool sessions!

@jenclevette: I'm really good at what I do but find video with more than one user counterproductive and excruciating.