Uploading podcasts

Question: As a classroom teacher I do not have my own space on our district Web server to upload podcasts. Is there anywhere I can upload podcast content for free?

The IT Guy says:
Yes, but first you need to be sure you have requisite permission and release forms signed by anyone (including students and their parents) who are featured in your podcast. The program ccPublisher is free and will upload any audio or video content that you are authorized to share and publish to the Internet Archive directly. You select the Creative Commons license you want to use before uploading the file. You will need to first register for a free virtual library card with the Internet Archive in order to upload your content.

After your uploaded content has been approved by an Internet Archive staff member, you can copy and paste the direct mp3 link to your podcast and include it in your own podcast feed. Many of the more recent episodes in my own “Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcasts” are hosted by the Internet Archive and were uploaded with CC Publisher. One advantage of having the Internet Archive host your podcasts is that the bandwidth used by others who download your files taxes their servers rather than yours. For popular podcasts, this can be particularly helpful.

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