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Using Google Docs Forms and Spreadsheets to Document Classroom Visits

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Google Docs spreadsheets have a feature that allows you to capture information in a web form, and instantly add that information to a spreadsheet. I have been using a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of classroom visits and observations. With the form feature that Google as added to Google Docs, it is now very easy to create a form for collecting and analyzing data. I have replicated in Google Docs an observation form I use to to note classroom visits. I try to visit each classroom at least 2 times a week for an extended period of time. During these visits I note the subject matter being taught and the methods being used, I also have a space for notes and comments. With the web address of the form bookmarked on my phone, I can easily pull up the form interface and add the data. Once I submit the form, the information is automatically entered into my spreadsheet. Google has also reacently added an analysis feature to Google Spreasheets, and I have instant access to all kinds of charts and graphs that visual help me to keep track of my classroom visits and the subjects being observed. In an upcoming post I plan to talk more about this form feature and how students and teachers at my building are using it to gather and analyze information.



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