What Parents Expect from COVID-19 and Schools

In an effort to assess how concerned parents are about the coronavirus' impact on their kids' educations, Varsity Tutors just surveyed more than 500 parents of K-12 students across America. Here's what they learned:

—89% of parents think it's likely or very likely that the Coronavirus will spread further in the U.S.

—70% are somewhat concerned or very concerned that schools could be a place that further spreads the Coronavirus

—67% of parents felt that schools were only a little prepared for the coronavirus, or, worse, not prepared at all

—90% of parents agree or strongly agree that if schools do close, there needs to be a backup plan in place to educate students

—67% of parents believe that online classes would be about the same or better than their regular in-person setting

—18% don't believe their child's education would be negatively impacted by a school closure, regardless of the amount of time

—80% said they would likely or very likely use online education at home, while school was closed