What Parents Expect from COVID-19 and Schools

In an effort to assess how concerned parents are about the coronavirus' impact on their kids' educations, Varsity Tutors (opens in new tab) just surveyed more than 500 parents of K-12 students across America. Here's what they learned:

—89% of parents think it's likely or very likely that the Coronavirus will spread further in the U.S.

—70% are somewhat concerned or very concerned that schools could be a place that further spreads the Coronavirus

—67% of parents felt that schools were only a little prepared for the coronavirus, or, worse, not prepared at all

—90% of parents agree or strongly agree that if schools do close, there needs to be a backup plan in place to educate students

—67% of parents believe that online classes would be about the same or better than their regular in-person setting

—18% don't believe their child's education would be negatively impacted by a school closure, regardless of the amount of time

—80% said they would likely or very likely use online education at home, while school was closed