Why We Still Need Librarians

Why We Still Need Librarians

In a recent report, Leading In and Beyond the Library, by digital learning and technology consultants Mary Ann Wolf and Rachel Jones, the following suggestions were made for policymakers and boards of education:

* Envision the role of school librarians as extending beyond the physical space of the library and being more than the keepers of books and reference materials and consider the critical knowledge and skills that school librarians bring to the digital learning transition.

* Consider how funding the role of the school librarian is also supporting teachers, students, and administrators in the digital learning transition.

* Recognize how the library and the technology within the library are essential to providing students with access to the Internet and research and learning guidance and to leveling the playing field for students without access to the Internet or devices at home, especially outside of regular school hours.

This same report made the following suggestions for librarians:

* Share how the collaboration, professional development, and instruction provided by the school librarian are integral to the digital learning transition.
* Continue learning to be leaders in the digital learning transition and experts who can provide professional development, implement new tools and resources, and guide teachers, students, and administrators.
* Lead and model the potential of the library itself as a hub of digital learning and the connection to rich and diverse content, and create a makerspace designed and positioned to meet the needs of students and teachers.