Have you ever wondered how websites zoom in and out of a map? Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that with your own maps and pictures? Zoomifyer EZ is a free, fully functional program that lets you zoom in and out, pan and scan any image of yours.

Download Zoomify EZ to your Mac or PC and drag and drop to convert any high-resolution image to stream! You can take a map, picture, photo, any image
of yours and put it on your web page with controls to pan, scan, and zoom in and out, all using Zoomify EZ in Flash. Zoomify EZ contains the following applications and steps:

  1. The Zoomifyer EZ application converts your high-res image to a folder containing JPEGS to stream.
  2. Zoomify HTML Maker converts the JPEG into HTML.
  3. Zoomify Viewer HTML & SWF embeds a tiny Flash file that enables users to pan, scan, and zoom on your image.

TIP: Click Shift to Zoom in and CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) to zoom out.

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