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Receiving a DWT: Driving While Texting

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A lesson plan from PECentral that is essential for teen-agers. Let students experience in a safe way how dangerous it is to text and drive. Set out a course studded with obstacles for students to try to navigate on scooters while simulating texting on a cell phone. Videotape the activity to show the students what difficulties they have trying to drive while distracted. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the teachers to try this too!

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Question: How is a floppy drive important to education? The IT Guy says: This is an interesting question. True "floppy disk drives" really haven’t existed since the 1980s, when the true "floppy" – a 5 ¼" disk – was replaced by the stiff 3 ½" 1.4 MB disk. Apple Computer stopped shipping its new

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The Pros and Cons of Texting and IM by Kelley Loftis

Text messaging and instant messaging have become so widely used by teens that teachers have noticed a drastic change in students’ writing habits. Students are integrating the abbreviations that are used in texting or instant messaging into their school work.