A Teacher's Guide to the Everett Children's Adventure Garden

Name:A Teacher’s Guide to the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden

Brief Description of the Site:
Just one very small part of The New York Botanical Garden site, but a very handy set of pages for the educator planning to teach botany and even the scientific method. The site shows ways to answer questions such as “What are a plant’s parts?â€, “What is the purpose of a flower?â€, and “What do plants need to grow?â€. The very thorough lessons are keyed to National Science Education Standards and although the activities assume teachers will be visiting the Adventure Garden there is nothing here that cannot be replicated in your local area. Two especially valuable pages: “Links to Useful Plant Science Web Sites†and “What is the Scientific Method?â€

How to use the site:
Although the experts at NYBG (New York Botanical Gardens) created these lessons for teachers planning to visit the Gardens, one can use them anyplace there are growing plants – even if that garden is a tiny window box in an urban classroom. A novice teacher might want to adapt as much as the lesson as possible; the more experienced might pick and choose or simply review them just for the pleasure of seeing a complex subject beautifully explained. The Web links alone are worth a visit.