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American History Interactive: Analyzing Artifacts

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Annenberg Learner presents a fascinating interactive site that encourages students to become analysts of historical artifacts. Students assess five key aspects of historical analysis by discovering the creator of the artifact, the context in which it was created, the audience for whom it was created, the purpose of the artifact, and its historical significance. Quotes from primary source documents accompany the artifacts, so students can use that information to guide their choices.

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Events in Hispanic American History

Events in Hispanic American History A comprehensive timeline of events that have had a role in shaping Hispanic culture in the United States, beginning with the arrival in America of Columbus and his crew of Spaniards in 1492 and continuing through to the twenty-first century. Thomson


Explorations in American History

This site offers an extensive collection of rare primary sources covering three basic themes: Struggle for Independence, Struggle for Rights, and Struggle for Equality.

An American History of Disaster and Response

An American History of Disaster and Response In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, NPR discusses past natural disasters in U.S. history, the challenges and the rebuilding. From the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 to Hurricane Andrew in 1992, read about the events that changed peoples' lives. NPR •

History of Jamestown

Name: History of Jamestown Brief Description of the Site: The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities provides this online history of Jamestown with information on topics from the Virginia Company to archeological research. It includes recent discoveries. In the Exhibits section, there is a

National Museum of African American History and Culture

The newest Smithsonian Museum offers many exhibits about the history and culture of African Americans. "This is America's history," says director Lonnie Bunch.  Visitors to the site can contribute to the virtual Memory Book,  listen to stories from the StoryCorps

Analyzing a TV News Story

Analyzing a TV News Story Five elements of TV news are addressed in this Shockwave lesson: selection, purpose, target audience, pacing, and images. Learn about the elements, then identify them in a real news story, and take the interactive quiz. Holt, Rinehart Winston •