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Amy's Travel Project

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Amy's Travels Project allows students across the globe to read, learn, and share together using Skype in the Classroom. Classes can communicate via Skype to discuss the multicultural children's book Amy's Travels and share their own stories and details of life from one continent to another. Based on a true story, Amy's Travels is a children's picture book that teaches about all seven continents.



Space Travel Guide

What makes science fiction so exciting? Read some examples of the genre and then create your own science fiction story about space travel. Use the supplied "travel guide" to generate ideas and structure your plot.courtesy of netTrekker  

Le Gabon: Gabon Travel Diary

The Gabon Travel Diary  promotes Gabon's developing tourism industry to the world. Find information and examples that support Gabon's investment in this sector of its economy, such as its biological diversity, its national parks and its blend of traditional and

Time Travel: Think Like Einstein

Asked questions about relative speed and the speed of light, students begin to "think like Einstein," while exploring the science behind the mystery of time travel. By following the questions and equations, users will learn (theoretically) how to travel forward

Country Dog Gentlemen Travel to Extraordinary Worlds

Two compelling animated characters from "Country Dog Gentlemen" lead you on a remarkable exploration of artwork by Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, and Sargent Johnson. Accompanying interactive invites you to create your own masterpiece inspired by these artists and to write

My Hero Project

A global internet project that allows students to contribute stories about people that they admire and respect. Through these stories, children build a peaceful relationship with other students from around the globe. courtesy of netTrekker

Keep a Travel Blog

--> Tip: Have you already planned your summer trip? Not sure where to go or what would be the best way to go there? Wouldn't it be great to keep a travel blog and put up your pictures on the web? You can do that with any blog, but here's a place that will help you answer your questions and helps you challenge