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ArtsEdge: Perfect Pitch

How well do you know the instruments of the orchestra?
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How well do you know the instruments of the orchestra? After you review the instruments of the orchestra, and learn about how the instruments of each era played together, you are ready to play Perfect Pitch. Create your own sound by the selection of which players you want to include in your music. Experiment with the instruments available in each era to see how different combinations work. When you are ready, play ball by answering questions about the instruments. Listen to the questions, hear the explanations, and score as many runs as you can.

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Perfect Pitch

An interactive learning environment that lets users form orchestras and create their own arrangements of music from the baroque, classical, romantic, and modern periods. Clever game design, including a run scoring assessment module, mimics action on a baseball diamond. Players

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Editor’s Note: Present Perfect

Welcome to 2015 and to the 35th year of Tech&Learning! While the owners, titles, and editors of this chronicle have changed many times over the decades, the mission has not—to share ideas and tools for edtech leaders.

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One of the best experiences at Tech&Learning’s mostrecent SchoolCIO Summit, which was held lastSeptember in Denver, CO, was when we forced, er,requested the 50 or so attending district executives toparticipate in some group management role play.