Ask Dr. Math: Frequently Asked Questions

Name:Ask Dr. Math: Frequently Asked Questions

Brief Description of the Site:
"Math-o-philes" and "Math-o-phobes" alike will enjoy this fascinating portal page. Although the latter may have to work much harder to "get" the extremely well-written explanations, they'll still enjoy the mental exercise. The page lists links for some 50 topics. Some cover the word problems that bedeviled some of us in eighth grade, such as "Jack can finish a job in 5 days, and Richard can finish the same job in 7 days…." Others cover the more esoteric topics such as "Golden Ratio," "Perfect Numbers," and "Dividing by 0". Each topic page presents and then solves the matter at hand, and offers links for further exploration. Even if you are not "into" math you cannot but be impressed by the logic behind calculating on what specific day of the week any given date will fall, or how you round a number to the nearest tenth, hundredth, thousandth, etc.

How to use the site:
If you have a math background you will adore this site, and find countless ways to make use of it for your students. If your background is not in math you will still find this site extremely useful for the way it clarifies issues and teaches concepts. It is also great for those of us to refresh our rusty math skills, such as those needed in dividing fractions or analyzing word problems.