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Auroras: Paintings in the Sky

 Auroras Paintings in the Sky   Explore the mystique of auroras.  See what they look like on Earth and from space. Find out how they are created by taking a self guided tour.
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Auroras: Paintings in the Sky: Explore the mystique of auroras. See what they look like on Earth and from space. Find out how they are created by taking a self -guided tour.



Metamorphosis of a painting

The National Gallery of Art explores Pablo Picasso's "blue period" masterwork, "The Tragedy," which was painted over earlier works. Using tools of the curatorial trade, such as infrared reflectography, the National Gallery exposes what lies beneath the surface painting of

The Sky Map

The Sky Map This astronomical survey by the Sloan organization, when completed, will provide detailed images covering more than a quarter of the sky, and almost a million galaxies and quasars. Although the site is meant to be interactive, a mandatory first stop is the Getting Started segment to

Science NetLinks: Sky Watching

This great lesson plan from the American Association for the Advancement of Science leads students to observing the night sky with the naked eye, then with binoculars, and ultimately with the telescope.

One Minute Art History Movie - Painting

One Minute Art History Movie - Painting The site offers a short movie that takes viewers through a history of painting. It begins with examples of cave paintings and progresses forward in time through ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The journey continues onward through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance,

Painting Elizabeth I

Here is an activity to commemorate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I's death on this date in 1603. Using portraits of Elizabeth I found in British museums as source material, learners investigate the art of portraiture by creating a new

Paint that Format!

Tip: Do you ever find yourself copying and pasting over and over again? How about copying the formatting? You can do that easily with the Format Painter. Quickly copy formats (font type, size, and style, paragraph alignment, line spacing and even bullets or numbering) from one paragraph to another. Click in the

Paint It!

Paint It! A clever site for English Language Learners attempting to deal with the spoken word. Users must paint various objects according to the spoken instructions. Correct responses evoke a response of "Good!" while incorrect responses get a "Try Again" — all in a British accent, as