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BBC: Bitesize: What is Code?

Think primary-aged students are too young to learn computer coding?
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Think primary-aged students are too young to learn computer coding? Not anymore! Try this collection of programming activities written with the elementary child in mind. Learn that code is what programmers use to make computer programs. Find out how to make code to make fun games, interesting pictures, animated movies, or just about anything the mind can create. Read about coding instructions, watch a film clip, or play a coding game- all to become the world’s youngest computer programmers!

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BBC The BBC provides a full-featured site for learning about the music of India. Easy-to-read spotlights on instruments and musicians communicate the essential qualities of Indian music. The accompanying audio files and additional information about the country and its religion and food round out the site.

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This practical application of math skills moves the understanding of math from the theoretical to the real-world, and answers the perennial student question of "When am I ever going to use this?"

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Learning to Code or Coding to Learn

Michael Trucano explores the growing international movement to promote coding (i.e. writing a set of step-by-step directions that instruct computers to do something) and to help students develop related skills.

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