Biomes of the World, Freshwater Ecosystems, Saltwater Ecosystems

Name:Biomes of the World, Freshwater Ecosystems, Saltwater Ecosystems

Brief Description of the Site:
Biomes of the World, Freshwater Ecosystems, and Saltwater Ecosystems is an organized and convenient Web site for habitat research. Each topic leads to subheadings with essential questions answered, links to further information, and illustrations that help with the explanations. Amazing facts and statistics add to the details, which students can collect for expository writing, reports, or personal interest.

How to use the site:
This Web site provides one central location for teachers who are teaching Biomes of the World, Freshwater, and Saltwater Ecosystems and for students who are doing research. In the Biomes section, you can learn about rain forest, tundra, taiga, desert, temperate, and grasslands. In the Freshwater section, students will find information on rivers and streams, ponds and lakes, and wetlands; and in the Marine section, you'll learn about shorelines, temperate oceans, and tropical oceans. Students view illustrations and diagrams. A student who was preparing an ecosystem presentation recommended this site.

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Haley Keane