Blue Web'N

Name:Blue Web’N

Brief Description of the Site:
This site, sponsored by SBC-Pacbell, is an incredibly useful and easy-to-use reference tool listing 1800 education-related Web sites, and the entire database is searchable by not only Subject and Grade level but also by what the designer calls Format, which equates to “tools, references, lessons, hotlists, resources, tutorials, activities, projects.†At first viewing the site is mind-boggling to the point of being almost an abundance of riches. The homepage features a matrix of categories and content areas. For example, trace across from “Science†and find 10 tools, 33 references, 115 lessons, 38 hotlists, 419 resources, 20 tutorials, 214 activities, and 64 projects. Click on the number and settle back to spend hours perusing a wealth of information. In fact, set aside a block of private time where you can browse this site without being interrupted. And because the site is constantly updated you can sign up to receive Email alerts featuring five updates apiece.

How to use the site:
It’s almost like a candy store of the mind. Looking for lesson plans? Looking for collaborative projects? Looking for tutorials? Click on the number in the matrix and up pops a page of links, which can be refined by narrowing your search by one of several parameters. Then be prepared to spend time pleasantly perusing these education-oriented sites.