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Center for Civic Education: George Washington’s Legacy to America

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As you go through the sections of this site, you will understand why the first U.S. president deserves the admiration and respect of generations, and the title of “Father of His Country.” The legacy of George Washington is reflected in many ways and each section poses a question which is followed by extensive information to provide an answer. Thought-provoking questions are offered for assessment purposes, as is a bibliography.

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George Washington, A National Treasure

George Washington, A National Treasure This engrossing site from the National Portrait Gallery invites you to explore the Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington known as the Lansdowne portrait. There is a wonderful interactive activity that allows the student to click on specific points of

Civic Education

Civic Education Designed specifically for Language Arts teachers, this U.S. State Department-sponsored site deals with various aspects of Civic Education, including Rights of the Individual, Freedom of the Press, Responsibilities of Government, and much more. Each chapter offers a background,

Lucy's Legacy

Lucy's Legacy This feature by the Houston Museum of Natural Science provides an exciting look at evolution in light of the findings of "Lucy," a 3.2 million year-old fossilized Hominid whose remains were discovered in 1974. Scroll the viewer from side to side to observe this progression or click

Local Legacies

Local Legacies What a state you're in! Our increasingly diverse populations lend cultural colorfulness to every state (and territory) in the U.S. Dedicated to revealing these little-known local treasures, the site offers a clickable U.S. map. Click on a state to see a list of that state's special

Arts Alive: George Gershwin

This site from the National Arts Centre of Canada provides a  biography on the life and music of George Gershwin (1898 1937 CE). Content includes information on the early life of Gershwin and his job at Remick's, his breakthrough into