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Character Education for Middle School

These lessons afford an opportunity to have open dialogue about many touchy issues.
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Although the lessons presented on this site are based on videos that can be purchased, there is so much information included that you can create lessons without the videos. For each topic there is a description of the life skill, discussion questions, student activities, and writing assignments for more in-depth examination. The descriptions are very straightforward, something middle school students certainly appreciate, and the discussion questions don’t pull any punches. These lessons afford an opportunity to have open dialogue about many touchy issues.

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Thomas Johnson Middle School

Name: Thomas Johnson Middle School Brief Description of the Site: Thomas Johnson Middle School serves grades seven and eight in Lanham, MD. The school's Web site focuses on the nuts and bolts of the academic program and also offers links to general information about procedures, calendars, lunch menus, etc. How

South Paulding Middle School

Name: South Paulding Middle School Brief Description of the Site: South Paulding Middle School, located in Dallas, Georgia, houses 932 students in grades 6-8. This site, maintained by teacher David Kirk, is used to display work and to share news about awards and successes for students, teachers, and the school.

Franklin Regional Middle School

Name: Franklin Regional Middle School Franklin Regional Middle School serves grades 6-8 in Murrysville, PA. Updated daily, the site contains helpful information about events, news, and schedules for students and the community. How to use the site:Site visitors have ready access to daily news, the student handbook,

Colin Powell Middle School

Name: Colin Powell Middle School Colin Powell Middle School, located in Matteson, Illinois, opened its doors in August 2006. The school's Website is in its infancy, but the parent who nominated the site reports that teachers and students are already making great use of the site to post curriculum and materials for

Creating a Heroic Character

This site from Utah Education Network asks students to examine the traits of heroes, both real and fiction, as a precursor to developing their own heroic characters.

Odyssey Middle School

Name: Odyssey Middle School Brief Description of the Site: Odyssey Middle School serves grades 6-8 in Orlando, FL. The school's Web site offers four gateways to visitors: General, Students, Parents, and Staff. This simple structure assists users in quickly finding information important to them. How to use the

Good Character Teaching Guides

Good Character Teaching Guides Here are guides for teaching life skills, from trustworthiness to conflict resolution, for use with a set of videos, "The Six Pillars of Character." Most of the information and ideas can be used without these videos. There are discussion questions, student activities

Western Middle School

Name: Western Middle School Brief Description of the Site: Western Middle is a grade 6-8 school in Elon, NC. The target audiences for the site are parents and students, with a special area for students who are newcomers to the school. Postings heavily emphasize making connections with the school staff, with

Brooklawn Middle School

Name: Brooklawn Middle School Brief Description of the Site:Brooklawn Middle School is located in Parsippany, NJ and has an enrollment of approximately 900 students in grades six through eight. The Web site provides limited general information of interest to adults such as a master calendar and supply lists, but