Citation Machine

Name:Citation Machine

Brief Description of the Site:
This is a must have for any classroom whose students are involved in some form of research. With citations a must to document research, students are required to put together various forms of bibliographies. This site offers a solution to the perception of citations as overwhelming. The Landmark Project offers a powerful "assemble as you develop the project" citation tool in which students choose the type of resource on the left side of the home page to access the appropriate template. A large number of choices include templates for a book by a single author, a web page, an encyclopedia article, a journal article, a book by two authors, magazine articles, articles or a chapter in an anthology and more. The ability of students to find so many models of citations online results in a more complete citation for projects developed.

How to use the site:
To use the citation machine, make each entry separately and then process by clicking on the Process button. With each additional citation, the list grows longer as all the needed resources are assembled. The site's usefulness extends from elementary school to college, including forms for entering multimedia references such as broadcast programming, personal email messages, discussion list messages, interviews, and online forum postings. By offering a way to generate up to date citations that are multimedia inclusive, the Landmark Project offers a comprehensive format for 21st century education and research. This web site deserves "post-it" status on every online computer in either the lab or the classroom.

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