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Copyright Bay

A clever presentation of information about copyright and fair use laws as they apply to educators. Learn what you can and cannot copy, how many copies of documents you can make for your own use as a teacher and for your students to use. There is a quiz at the end to reinforce learning of these laws and guidelines.

University of St. Francis, Janet Agnew, Glen Gummes, Mike Hudson

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Copyright Kids

 Use this inviting site to introduce the concept of "copyright" by answering common questions, defining related terms, and providing sample permission letters. Highlighting the planning and work of a school yearbook club, this site shows a variety of ways copyright

New Bay Bridge: Bridge to Classroom

New Bay Bridge: Bridge to Classroom This site provides extensive information about earthquakes -- their causes and their impact. Once you've learned enough about the sorts of preventative measures that architects must take, build your own bridge and see if it can withstand the pressures of a

Welcome to Copyright Kids

Use this inviting site to introduce the concept of "copyright" by answering common questions, defining related terms, and providing sample permission letters.

Copyright and Fair Use Center

Copyright and Fair Use Center This site, from the Stanford University libraries, offers a complete guide to copyright, fair use, intellectual property, and other concepts important to any teacher, especially one whose students create projects using downloaded material. Bookmark this site for

Dealing with Copyright

Tip: Students today are increasingly accustomed to going to Google Images to find any image that they need for a class project and then copying it and pasting it into their project without thinking at all about copyright. Many teachers allow this to go on because they are not sure what else to do. Copyright

Seeking Permission to Copyrighted Materials

Tip: As a professional developer, you may want to use copyrighted materials in your presentations or workshops. Ask permission in writing so you have a hard copy for your records. Make sure you give yourself at least two weeks so you receive permission in time. Give your name, title, and organization. Write

Kindergarten Copyright

I have seen many articles about the importance of teachers knowing about the copyright laws. And I agree with all of them! I firmly believe that you are never too young (or old) to learn about copyright. According to, copyright is: The legal right granted to an author, composer, playwright,

Hudson's Bay Company: The Epic Story

 Did you know that in the seventeenth century, fashion seekers wanted hats made from beaver pelts? Open this PDF  document detailing the history of the Hudson's Bay Company from 1660 to 1720 and get more information on this trend. Beautifully

Copyright and Digital Storytelling

Question: With so many images on the Internet protected by copyright, how can students create digital stories and then share them again over the Internet without violating copyright and its fair use provisions? The IT Guy says: This is an excellent question. The Fair Use provision of copyright does allow