Cranberry Pines Elementary School

Name:Cranberry Pines Elementary School

Cranberry Pines is an elementary school in Medford, New Jersey. The school’s Web site provides easy access to resources for students, parents, teachers, and community members. The website is updated at least three times a week with current links and activities which are then integrated into the delivery of the school’s adopted curriculum. Each faculty member is easily reached through the Email links in the staff directory, and a few teachers are designing classroom sites linked to the main school site.

How to use the site:
Students and teachers use the site daily. Students access the site at school and from home to review content-specific material and to engage in activities that reinforce academic skills. Staff members use the Teacher Resource pages to select appropriate instructional sites from categorized lists of recommended resources. They also use a link on the Web site to access their school Email from home. Parents typically use the site to find general school information and to Email teachers.

Submitted by:
Gail S. Weisberg