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Design a Cell Phone

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Find out how product design and development happens by visiting this website that asks you to design a cell phone for a particular group. The client wants a product, the cell phone, which will appeal to the over-65 group. That age group has very different requirements and desires in a cell phone than teens need. Looking at a product with different eyes really teaches the value of research, design, and product testing. Try out your ideas, and get instant feedback from the interviews with potential purchasers to see how your cell phone would work.

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Cell Phones and Cheating

Our high school students are permitted to carry cell phone on campus. We haven’t had a major problem yet, but recently heard of a case where students used cell phones to cheat during an exam. How do we keep up with this? Approximately 1/3 of all teens in the U.S. have cell phones. Although they once almost


Cells A simple, colorful site from the UK gives easy-to-understand explanations about animal, plant, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Students can mouse hover over the different parts of the plant and animal cells for the names. Hovering over the labels of the prokaryotic cell provides the

More on Cell Phones and Students

I am a principal at an elementary school. This morning, ten minutes after recess, an angry parent came to the office. Apparently her fifth-grade daughter used her cell phone to call and say she was being picked on during recess! How do I deal with this new wrinkle? I am struggling to understand why a parent

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Cell Phones Welcome Here

The Inkster Public School District is working with Sprint and GoKnow Learning, Inc., a University of Michigan spinoff that focuses on helping K-12 adopt mobile learning, to transform the device once considered a nuisance into a powerful learning tool. 

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9 Actions to Embrace Cell Phones

An overwhelming majority of middle and high school students have cell phones, but teachers and administrators continue to raise questions about how to minimize student distraction and how to use the devices for instruction.

Now Class, Take Out your Cell Phones

A teacher mentioned she recently heard that students in Japan are using their cell phones as study aids. What is this about? Students in Asia and Europe are using cell phones to study foreign languages, spelling, math, and other academic subjects. They are also accessing lectures, both live and archived, via