Dictionary Link News Feeds

Name:Dictionary Link News Feeds

Brief Description of the Site:
News-junkie heaven! This portal offers links to 30 U.S. newspaper sites, 30 foreign newspaper sites (most in English), and a healthy collection of broadcast news sites such as CNN, BBC, CNBC, Bloomburg, etc. There are easily 100+ sources of news available from this page. One warning, although all of the links bring up a site’s front page for that day, it is often difficult to follow secondary or follow-up stories without registering, which could raise a privacy issue. Not all sites require registration, however, so a little previewing might be in order if one plans to have students delve deeply into any one news source. But for getting a ‘front-page†glimpse of what is “news†that day in Sydney, Seoul, or Seattle this site cannot be beat.

How to use the site:
Teachers of journalism/media most certainly will want to bookmark this site and use it to compare/contrast various news organizations handling of a topical issue. It also can reinforce student understanding of the “inverted pyramid†style of news-writing as well as provide examples of how to write ledes, headlines, etc. Teachers of social studies will want to make use of the current-events/breaking news aspect of the site. Students can be encouraged to do a “World News Wrap-up†by combing many sources for headlines and interesting stories. Other uses: ask students to compare/contrast domestic newspapers with overseas newspapers, or compare/contrast print sources with electronic sources.