What a difference an issue can make! When the Tech&Learning editors began planning this year-end double issue, little did we know how much the landscape of education technology and public education would tilt, at least when it comes to the influence of the Department of Education (or what may eventually remain of it).

Not to be caught off guard, we quickly assembled a baker’s dozen of trusted advisors in the nation’s capital a few weeks after the election to discuss the ramifications of Trump’s victory—from E-Rate and ESSA to online personalized learning and midnight presidential Tweeting habits. The group included inside-the-beltway edtech gurus, execs from the most influential hardware and curriculum companies, district and archdiocesen leaders, and influential educators.

The conversation was awkward at first, with a few forced jokes and more than one bitter side comment. This was DC, after all! But what emerged was a decidedly positive, dare I say hopeful, vision of what may come of the next four years with a Trump administration—at least in terms of what it means for more students with more access to more tools in order to improve their learning. Maybe it was wishful thinking.

Maybe it was a prescient sentiment of great things to come. Whatever it was, you will read no spoilers on this page. First, go to some highlighted excerpts on pages 16 and 17 and then head online to techlearning.com to listen to the entire conversation, which has been split into two separate podcasts. Once there, you can also find our collection of bookmarks to all of the most recent analysis our panelists and editors have collected on Trump and edtech. Also, be sure to let us know what you think! You can leave comments on the thread below this article online or shoot them to me at khogan@nbmedia.com. Buckle up!

— Kevin Hogan
Content Director