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Editor's Note: New Rules for Schools

Editor's Note: New Rules for Schools

While it may be an unfortunate reality that disturbed people will post threats to schools online, there may be hope going forward that their actions won’t mean lockdowns or other disturbances to the school day. Three recent incidents in Florida, Wisconsin, and Utah suggest that the best solution may be the most simple—see something, say something. In each case, a student posted a threat, a fellow student immediately reported it, and authorities promptly responded. Occam’s razor for the win!

Another new reality not so simple for school districts—dealing with digital equity. Contributing editor Tara Smith tackles this subject by surveying educators who insist these issues go beyond just having access to hardware and bandwidth: “Digital equity is about so much more than the device—it’s about how they’re using the tool,” say Jessica Martin and Meredith Stolte, co-founders of Colorado’s Aurora Community School, “While many students and families have access to digital tools for Internet searches and solitary activities, [we need] to help students learn how to use the tools they have in new and collaborative ways.”

Bridging the digital equity gap is the main topic for the Tech & Learning Leadership Summit this month in Denver, CO, where dozens of innovative educators and administrators will share their best practices to address the digital divide. Be sure to look for highlights in the coming months.

— Kevin Hogan
Managing Director, Content