Let me take a wild guess. When you first started in this business of education and technology, any talk of artificial intelligence happened in English class where kids studied Ray Bradbury; media literacy meant cranking through microfilm; and student data privacy involved locking the gradebook in your desk.

This month’s issue is a stark reminder of how quickly, and how dramatically, life and work can change. From defending against Phishing scams to understanding technology fear therapy to building next generation literacy skills Tech & Learning keeps pace with these emerging techniques thanks to our stalwart crew our educator/advisors.

Another big reason for the boost: the T&L media group—the print magazine, website, and events business—joined its new parent company Future plc last year. Future is a global multi-platform media company, which serves more than 120 million readers worldwide every day. Any self-respecting nerd will know the titles of our new sister publications—PC Gamer, Mac Life, and techradar amongst others. As such, Tech & Learning can now draw upon and share content like Richard Mattka’s artificial intelligence primer. You may not have realized you can build your own chatbot, or that you need one at all, but now you do!

Look for further collaboration with sites like tomsguide.com and the testing labs at toptenreviews.com, where we can apply an educator’s eye to the in-depth analysis on the latest and greatest tech tools. One thing I hope never changes—that readers find inspiration and encouragement from insights and knowledge of our contributors!

— Kevin Hogan
     Managing Director, Content