Education Oasis: Links Library

Name:Education Oasis: Links Library

Brief Description of the Site:
Another incredible resource from the Education Oasis site, this portal page is solely for educators and offers information over a range of some 30 distinct categories. There are over 20 links to lesson plan sites alone, and the categories range from Assessment through Field Trips and Professional Organizations to Teaching How-To. There’s even a Teacher Certification by State category with a pull-down menu of states and a category for Home Schooling. The biggest category is Subject-Specific, which is itself subdivided alphabetically by academic subject. There are even Teacher-Created sites, with the newest, Almost Heaven – Kindergarten, receiving special notice from the people who compiled this page. Both in-service and pre-service teachers can surely benefit from the tremendous wealth of information available at this unpretentious page.

How to use the site:
Simply browse and surf, following your own interests/instincts — or be adventuresome and explore new areas of interest. You’ll probably ‘bookmark’ many of the sites you’ve surfed, and you’ll probably add considerably to your “favorites†folder. Set aside a large block of time and be prepared to feel yourself grow professionally.