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Karooba is a social and education based game site containing one of the largest trivia collections on the internet over 100,000 education based questions. Features include a real time communication tool (Karoobicator), avatar tool (Karoobatar), and head to head competitive
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Karooba is a social and education-based game site containing one of the largest trivia collections on the internet - over 100,000 education-based questions. Features include a real-time communication tool (Karoobicator), avatar tool (Karoobatar), and head-to-head competitive game interface. Users can also create their own trivia quizzes, join a tournament on education-based topics or set up a tournament of friends or classmates. For ages 10 and up.



Education Oasis: Super Sites for Students

Name: Education Oasis: Super Sites for Students Brief Description of the Site: Just one of the resources found on the main Education Oasis site, this is a thorough listing of student-appropriate Web sites available today. It features an alphabetized list of some 35 discreet categories, from “Activities and

Game Makeover

Game Makeover From The University of Cambridge's "Millennium Mathematics Project" comes "nrich, enriching mathematics." Which is exactly what this site does, in a very amusing fashion, by offering a series of interactive mathematics-based logics puzzles in five series, each more difficult than the

Explore Science and Math With Games

Shodor's Project Interactivate offers Java based activities for the exploration of science and math. From the opening page, click to lessons and tips for teachers or to activities, tools, and a dictionary for students. Each activity offers answers to its

Prongo Games

Prongo Games An amazing cornucopia of all sorts of education-related games, arranged for ages 3-6, ages 6-9, and ages 9-12. The games, usually sophisticated varieties of CAI (computer-assisted instruction) offer colorful grphics, lots of animation, and sound (hint: turn down the speakers!).

Create Interactive Flash Tools & Games for Education offers a collection of templates you can customize and save online and even embed into your own website or blog. Fast and intuitive Flash animations guide you through the template building process, and you'll be creating arcade games, flashcards,

Weather Games

Explore weather through a small collection of games and activities provided by BBC, including a weather word hangman, a do it yourself weather map, and weather quiz.  courtesy of netTrekker   

BodyWorks Games

BodyWorks Games These interactive games engage students as they explore the human body. Travel through the digestive system with Art and Spleen, identifying organs in real video. Test and learn about your reflexes and ability to make precise movements. Discover the nutrients needed for your body