Expedition Seven

Name:Expedition Seven

Brief Description of the Site:
Ed Lu, currently the American astronaut on board the International Space Station, maintains this site. He updates this site continually by adding spectacular photos of space that he takes for NASA. Teachers who want a primary source on space exploration have a site for "kids" of all ages who want to learn about space science first hand from someone who is up there until October 2003, when replacements are expected to arrive aboard the Soyuz (Russian) spacecraft that will bring the new crew to the ISS.

How to use the site:
For those curious about preparation for life in space, and life on board the ISS, this site has much material. Photos of training on Earth, life on the ISS, the astronauts' biographies, terrific links that include the Space Station tracker, "astronomy pic of the day", and a link just for kids (NASA Kids, games, astronomy for kids) make this an indispensable must visit site for educators and their students. You can probably work the entire year off this site with the many activities and ideas that are standards and curriculum based. Definitely bookmark this one!

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein